Not Sure Where to Start?

Welcome. This course is meant to help you better understand and situate yourself within the main paradigms that frame social science research. It can be overwhelming diving into the literature on epistemological and ontological perspectives for research. We’re here to help.

Take your time exploring the course and find out what works best for you.

There are quizzes to help you align your beliefs to varying perspectives, a map that is aimed at making connections between philosophies, and lots of quick explainer videos to help you get to know the perspectives.

If you are not at all sure where you stand with your understandings of reality and knowledge you may want to start with the meditations. They will help you relax into the process and make connections that may be helpful for you in your research process. If you want to undertake some more playful consideration you can also take a turn connecting art to different philosophical considerations.

Finally if its the philosophical thinkers you are here to learn more about, check out the infographics that will provide a brief introductions to some seminal scholars.

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